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There are two huge benefits to using our company, the first being that you won’t believe the results, our pressure washing services are the best in the area and the transformation on your home or property has to be seen to be believed. The second benefit is that you get to use a company you can trust, at Pro Clean Power Wash, we are here to provide professional and high-quality Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC, we are reliable and trusted by our customers, as well as offering our services at great prices. We are here to show you that not every company is out to make a quick buck regardless of the work carried out, and we will never leave you anything less than happy with our results. Get a top job done by the experts and join our ever-growing list of happy customers!

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You may notice that the concrete surfaces around your property are most likely best described as dull. Unfortunately, due to the constant exposure to the weather and the heavy wear from people walking, cars on your driveway, oil spills, pools of sitting rainwater, and other natural occurrences, discoloration and staining can be quite severe. However, our concrete power washing service can transform the surface and restore the color leaving your concrete surfaces shining and any other than dull.

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Paving slabs manage to attract a lot of dirt, it seems over time there’s always muddy footprints being left behind, algae staining and other residues, and marks being left from various sources. Cleaning paving slabs by hand is nearly impossible, it will take an enormous amount of work and you will be disappointed with the results. Even using a hose isn’t enough to get it as clean as you want, and this is where power washing comes in! Professional power washing is the perfect method of removing all kinds of dirt from the pavers leaving them looking brand new.

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If you want to have your decking looking beautiful all year round and lasting for as long as possible in the best condition, then you’ll need to make sure it is well maintained when it comes to cleaning. However, decking can be a tricky material to clean, the wood makes it more delicate than other surfaces so it’s essential that you use an experienced company like us, that has the right tools and knowledge to deliver the results you want and need.

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Cleaning the exterior of your home manually isn’t practical, the area is too large and the physical exertion would be too much for most people. However, a low-pressure washing service is the perfect solution for transforming your house and restoring its original condition. Our low-pressure washing can remove all kinds of stains, marks, residues, and algae off the surface leaving it looking pristine without causing any damage. 

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You may not be aware but proper roof cleaning is essential, not just to make sure your roof looks pleasant, but also for the upkeep of the roof’s surface. Leaving moss, algae, and other residues to build up over time will lead to cracked shingles and tiles, which can then turn into roof leaks. Having your roof power washed using a low-pressure washing method by a company like us will prevent you from having bigger problems in the future.

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Keeping the exterior of a commercial property clean is hugely important, not only for those who already work there, but also for the benefit of potential clients or even those walking by – after all, there’s no harm in wanting to give a good impression with something like this! Our commercial power washing can keep various aspects of your business clean, from the parking lot, and building exterior, to the roof or even graffiti removal. Our power washing service for commercial properties covers all the most important parts of the cleaning and maintenance of the area and is an effective and affordable solution to your cleaning needs.

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Benefits of our Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC

Power washing is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular, perhaps you have started seeing more videos online highlighting the kind of results you can have, or maybe you have seen more companies offering this service in your area. The reason why power washing is becoming more popular and more requested each year is because it is a service that can truly transform your home. Our Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC will have your home and all exterior areas on your property cleaned up in an instant, leaving you to marvel at the difference in the before and after. Power washing is not only a safe and super effective way of cleaning up a huge number of different surfaces, but it’s also a really efficient way to keep on top of the maintenance and undo some of the wear and tear that various aspects of your property have to endure. Be astounded with the results we deliver and by our friendly and professional service with the only power washing company your home needs!

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We all know that feeling of being unsure where to begin when it comes to hiring a company to do work at your home because making the wrong choice could end up in a nightmare scenario for you. At Pro Clean Power Wash, we also understand this feeling, which is why we strive to do everything we can to be professional, reliable, and loyal to our customers. We always aim to deliver only work we’re proud of and leave our customers feeling happy – and this is reflected in the reviews we get from our customers! We aren’t interested in causing you stress or hassle, we are only interested in providing a top-quality service on every job and ensuring that not a single customer is left unsatisfied. Our knowledge and expertise is reflected in our work so let us show you what a change we can make with our Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC! 

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Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC

Our experience with Austin from Pro Clean Power Wash was very good. Austin was very responsive to all our questions and requests. He did all the work alone which took nearly the whole day. He was very detail oriented and had me inspect his work step by step before moving on to the next task. He also said to call him back if we noticed anything that was missed or not up to standard. I would recommend Austin and Pro Clean to others in need of this service.

Glen Meador

Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC

Austin of Pro-Clean did a great job on our roof. I had tried several things prior to his arrival to no avail. He was very professional and focus on the job at hand. The roof looks brand new! I will use Pro-Clean again in the future.

Lee Trouteaud

Pressure Washing In Spartanburg SC

Mr. Blackburn did a good job of listening to what I wanted done and then performing the cleaning. He took off countless years of dirt and grime from the gutters. They’d not been done in over a decade, so it was a formidable job. He also found some broken shingles and brought them to our attention so we could get them looked at. I shall surely have the man back for a spring-cleaning. I recommend this Pressure Washing company.

Jeffrey Lewis

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