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Chances are your steeple is in rough shape and you’re looking for the most cost effective option to return your steeple to its original beauty. Steeple cleaning is effective. Steeple cleaning is affordable. Steeple cleaning saves thousands compared to painting your steeple. We have mastered the art of steeple cleaning over the years. We use a soft-wash application combined with the proper detergent to safely remove all the organic growth and ugliness! This soft-wash process allows us to safely clean the steeple without the use of damaging high pressure.

Steeple Cleaning Experts

Are you looking for steeple cleaning? Steeple cleaning can save you thousands of dollars against painting. If your steeple has seen better days, it may be time to have your steeple cleaned by the experts! We have cleaned dozens of steeples across South Carolina and the Southeastern United States, always achieving the same results, a steeple that makes the church members proud! Members can’t believe how new the steeple looks!


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If you’re on a tight timeframe to get your steeple cleaned, (homecoming, christmas, easter). You’ve come to the right place. Our average turnaround time on steeple cleaning is less than 7 days! That’s from the time we provide the estimate to the time your steeple is clean! We have been able to get our turnaround time so quick by the use of the proper equipment and knowledge. Cleaning the Steeple itself is done in less than a day! So there will be no interruption to your church services as we work around your schedule! 

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Steeple Cleaning Spartanburg SC

Austin and crew from Pro Clean Power Wash did an excellent job on cleaning our church steeple and the entire outside of the building, plus sidewalks. Austin was very professional, the price was reasonable, and the quality of work was first class. We were able to make contact with them and have the work performed within the same week. Awesome Steeple Cleaning Job, many Church members commented on how pleasantly different the Church looked.

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